NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release

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NvMedia API for Tegra

Detailed Description

NVIDIA NvMedia technology provides powerful processing of multimedia data that enables true hardware acceleration across NVIDIA Tegra SOCs. NvMedia is a C-based, frame level API library that provides framework agnostic, distinctive software components, to realize various multimedia use case scenarios.

For more information, see "Multimedia Programming" in the Development Guide for this NVIDIA DRIVE product.


 Camera AutoControl Plugin
 The Camera AutoControl Plugin API provides ACP configuration functions.
 Common Declarations
 Defines basic types used for video and images throughout the NvMedia API.
 Image Handling API
 The Image Processing API encompasses all NvMedia image-related functionality.
 Image Handling with Buffer Allocation API
 The NvMedia Image NvSciBuf API encompasses all NvMediaImage NvSciBuf handling functions.
 Image Pyramid Handling API
 The Image Pyramid Processing API encompasses all NvMedia-related functionality for handling pyramids of NvMediaImage objects.
 Lens Distortion Correction
 The NvMedia Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) API contains NvMedia functions for accessing the LDC hardware engine for geometric transform and temporal noise reduction (TNR3).
 Lens Distortion Correction Synchronization
 The NvMedia LDC NvSciSync API encompasses all NvMediaLDC NvSciSync handling functions.
 NvMedia Array
 The NvMedia Array API encompasses all NvMedia functions that create, destroy, access and update arrays used in media processing and computer vision applications.
 NvMedia CVScratchpad
 The NvMedia CVScratchpad API creates and destroys CVScratchpad objects for use as scratch memory for internal operation in media processing and computer vision pipelines.
 Video Surface Handling API
 The Video Processing API encompasses all NvMedia video surface related functionality.
 Vision Programming Interface
 The NvMedia Vision Programming Interface (VPI) API contains NvMedia functions for accessing the Computer Vision (CV) hardware accelerated algorithms.