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Host/Target Setup and Configuration
DRIVE OS Linux Username and Password
Setting Up Networking on the Host and Target
Setting Environment Variables
This topic describes how to setup the networking between the host system and the target system.
DRIVE OS Linux Username and Password
NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux is preconfigured with a default account with a preset username nvidia and password nvidia. NVIDIA recommends changing this username and this password prior to connecting any hardware for network purposes.
Changing the Username
1. Enable administrative account.
Enable the root administrative account by setting a password for the root account. Use the following command to set a password for root account. You will be prompted for the password of your current user.
$ sudo passwd
2. Close existing user sessions.
Log out of any and all sessions, including GUI and consoles of the user that you are changing the username for. You cannot change the username if a session is still alive.
Use the following command to exit console sessions:
$ exit
3. Log into the system as root account.
After completing step #2, you will be presented with a login prompt. Proceed to log in using the credentials you established for the root account.
4. Change the username.
Change the username of the user from ${USERNAME1} to ${USERNAME2} with the following commands:
$ usermod -m -d /home/${USERNAME2} -l ${USERNAME2} \ ${USERNAME1}
$ groupmod -n ${USERNAME2} ${USERNAME1}
Log out of the root account using the following command:
$ exit
You have successfully changed the username. Proceed to log in with the new username.
Changing the Password
1. Enter the following command to update password.
$ passwd
You will be prompted to enter your existing password and given an opportunity to enter the new password.
Changing password for <user>.
(current) UNIX password:
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully.
2. Enter the current password and then the new password.