NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release
For Test and Development only

Detailed Description

The NvSciBuf library contains the APIs for applications to allocate and exchange buffers in memory.


 NvSciBuf APIs
 List of APIs to transport NvSciBuf buffers and attribute list objects across various communication boundaries that interact using NvSciIpc.
 NvSciBuf Attribute List APIs
 Methods to perform operations on NvSciBuf attribute lists.
 NvSciBuf Data Structures
 Specifies NvSciBuf data structures.
 NvSciBuf Datatype Definitions
 Contains a list of all NvSciBuf datatypes.
 NvSciBuf Enumerations for Attribute Keys
 List of all NvSciBuf enumerations for attribute keys.
 NvSciBuf Global Constants
 Definitions of all NvSciBuf Global Constants/Macros.
 NvSciBuf Initialization APIs
 List of APIs to initialize/de-initialize NvSciBuf module.
 NvSciBuf Object APIs
 List of APIs to create/operate on NvSciBufObj.
 NvSciBuf blanket statements.
 Generic statements applicable for NvSciBuf interfaces.