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nvmedia_2d.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA Media Interface: 2D Processing Control

Description: This file contains the Image 2D Processing API."

Definition in file nvmedia_2d.h.

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Data Structures

struct  NvMedia2DBlitParameters
 Holds the additional parameters for a blit. More...
struct  NvMedia2DBlitParametersOut
 Holds additional values returned from a blit. More...


 Major version number. More...
 Minor version number. More...


typedef struct NvMedia2D NvMedia2D
 An opaque handle representing an NvMedia2D object. More...


enum  NvMedia2DStretchFilter {
 Specifies filtering mode used for stretched blits. More...
enum  NvMediaTransform {
 Defines transformations. More...
enum  NvMedia2DBlitParamField {
 Defines bit masks for NvMedia2DBlitParameters::validFields. More...


NvMediaStatus NvMedia2DGetVersion (NvMediaVersion *version)
 Returns the version information for the NvMedia 2D library. More...
NvMedia2DNvMedia2DCreate (NvMediaDevice *device)
 Creates a 2D object. More...
void NvMedia2DDestroy (NvMedia2D *i2d)
 Destroys a 2D object. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMedia2DBlitEx (const NvMedia2D *i2d, NvMediaImage *dstSurface, const NvMediaRect *dstRect, NvMediaImage *srcSurface, const NvMediaRect *srcRect, const NvMedia2DBlitParameters *params, NvMedia2DBlitParametersOut *paramsOut)
 Performs a 2D blit operation with supplementary return values. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMedia2DCopyPlaneNew (const NvMedia2D *i2d, NvMediaImage *dstSurface, uint32_t dstPlane, NvMediaImage *srcSurface, uint32_t srcPlane)
 Copies a plane of a YUV image to another YUV image. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMedia2DWeaveNew (const NvMedia2D *i2d, NvMediaImage *imageOdd, NvMediaImage *imageEven, NvMediaImage *outImage)
 Performs an NvMedia2D weave operation on NvMedia images. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMedia2DImageRegister (const NvMedia2D *i2d, NvMediaImage *image, NvMediaAccessMode accessMode)
 Registers an NvMediaImage for use with an NvMedia2D handle. More...
NvMediaStatus NvMedia2DImageUnRegister (const NvMedia2D *i2d, NvMediaImage *image)
 Unregisters an NvMediaImage registered with NvMedia2D by a call to NvMedia2DImageRegister(). More...