DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.0.4260 Release
For Test and Development only

MapStream Upload Tool


The NVIDIA® DriveWorks MapStream Upload tool uploads MapStream data to NVIDIA's DRIVE Mapping Cloud.
This tool returns a UUID of the uploaded MapStream data so it can be downloaded with the MapStream Download Tool.

SW Release Applicability: This tool is available in NVIDIA DRIVE Software releases.


This tool is available on the x86 Host System, NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux, and NVIDIA DRIVE OS QNX.

This tool requires MapStream data created with the RoadRunner application. The input folder must have the same structure as the data serialized from RoadRunner:

To get access to the NVIDIA MappingServices IP address and JWT token, please contact your NVIDIA account representative.

Running the Tool

Run this tool by executing:

./tool_mapperception_upload_client --path=[input_folder]
                                   [--config=[config file]]

If you have a JSON file containing the non-bracketed parameters, you can also run the tool by executing:

./tool_mapperception_upload_client --config=[path to config file]


--path=[path to input file]
        Description: Folder path to upload the offline MapStream data to.

--ipaddress=[IP address of service to upload to]
        Description: IP address of the NVIDIA's DRIVE Mapping Cloud upload service.
        Example: --ipaddress=[localhost]

--port=[service port number]
        Description: Port of NVIDIA's DRIVE Mapping Cloud upload service.
        Example: --port=[50051]

        Description: Your authorization token.

        Description: Your authorization secret.

        Description: A comma separated list of (key,value) pairs to apply to the MapStream asset.
                     The asset will automatically be tagged with the DriveWorks version.

--config=[path to config file]
        Description: If this parameter is present, the program reads the configuration from a
                     JSON file containing the required parameters.
                     Command line arguments can be used to override what is specified in the file, except for tags.
                     Tags on the command line will supplement and override the existing tags specified within the JSON file.


Running without the Config File

./tool_mapperception_upload_client --path=[input_folder]

Running with the Config File

./tool_mapperception_upload_client --config=../tool_mapperception_upload_client_config.json