DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.0.4260 Release
For Test and Development only

Helper Functions
SW Release Applicability: This tutorial is applicable to modules in NVIDIA DRIVE Software releases.

Closest Point

The following function returns the closest point on a Lane Plan.

dwMapsGeoPoint* closestPoint,
dwLanePlanIndex* lanePlanIndex,
const dwMapsGeoPoint* gps,
dwBool ignoreHeight,

Iterating along the Lane Plan

To iterate along a lane on a Lane Plan, the following functions can be used:

dwLanePlanIndex* lanePlanIndex,
uint32_t increaseCount,
dwLanePlanIndex* lanePlanIndex,
uint32_t decreaseCount,

These functions increase the point index up to the end of the Lane Plan Lane, and then automatically jump onto the next Lane Plan Segment, if there is one that has a lane that connects to the current lane.

Distance Between Two Lane Plan Points

The following function computes the distance between two points on the lane plan. However, it returns a result only when the two points are connected without lane changes.