DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.0.4260 Release
For Test and Development only

PilotNet Workflow


A set of parameters is needed to define the network to be used. These parameters are defined in the dwPilotNetParams struct. The default parameters can be loaded with the following function

If a custom model needs to be used, then we can replace the networkModel in the default params as follows:

dwPilotNetParams pilotNetParams{};
pilotNetParams.networkModel = DW_PILOTNET_MODEL_CUSTOM;
pilotNetParams.networkCustomData = "path_to_pilotnet_model";

Note that the default model supports only FP32.

The PilotNet DNN module can be initialized with the following call:

Once the module is initialized, dwPilotNetHandle_t can be used to initialize the Pilotnet Detector module.

PilotNet Module Reset

To reset the PilotNet module:

PilotNet Module Release

To release the PilotNet module:

For a more detailed workflow, please refer to the PilotNet detector: PilotNet Sample.