DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.0.4260 Release
For Test and Development only

List of cameras supported out of the box

This is a list of sensors that the PDK packages and Driveworks supports out of the box:

  • OnSemi AR0231 with Sekonix SF3324/SF3325 modules, 2MP resolution
  • OnSemi AR0820 with Entron 30, 70, 120 degrees BM0A 24bit RGGB module, 8MP native resolution
  • Sony IMX390 with 120 degrees RCCB/RGGB sensors and 200 degrees RGGB sensor
  • OnSemi AR0144

Refer to sipl_query tool to double check if the drivers of the cameras are correctly being detected on your setup.

Any custom GMSL camera that is interfaceable with NvSIPL library, works with Driveworks if it is listed in sipl_query's output.