NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux SDK API Reference Release
For Test and Development only
Image Processing Pipeline (IPP)

Detailed Description

NvMedia Image Processing Pipeline (IPP) APIs are deprecated in this release. Instead, use NvMedia Sensor Input Processing Library (SIPL) APIs. The deprecated APIs and the associated sample applications will be removed in a future release.

The NvMedia Image Processing Pipeline (IPP) is a framework that controls all NvMedia processing components. It does the following:

For information on IPP architecture and functionality, see the "Multimedia Programming" chapter in the Development Guide.


 Basic IPP Types
 The Image Processing Pipeline API provides common IPP processing functions.
 IPP Component
 Defines IPP component-related structures and functions.
 IPP Control Algorithm Plugin
 Defines IPP Control Algorithm Plugin related structures and functions.
 IPP Manager
 Defines IPP manager-related structures and functions.
 IPP Pipeline
 Defines IPP pipeline-related structures and functions.
 IPP Properties
 Defines IPP Properties.
 IPP Version Information
 Provides version information for the NvMedia IPP library.