Downloading Kernel Sources from nv-git-07

You can download, using the repo tool, all source files for the Linux Kernel from the nv-git-07 NVIDIA Git server. With the following instructions, you can:
Update the kernel source files in an existing tree for a particular release.
Create a new tree for where you sync the kernel source files for your platform.
To clone the kernel source files for your release
1. In a terminal window on your host system, set up your current working directory.
For new trees, set up your project directory with the following shell commands to sync by top of tree branch:
mkdir mytree
cd mytree
repo init -u ssh:// -m auto-linux.xml –b
repo sync –j4
For an existing tree for a release, set the current working directory to your desired working directory and obtain the latest version with the following shell command:
repo sync –j4
2. (Recommended) Clone kernel source files for a specific release by entering the following shell commands:
repo forall –c “pwd; git checkout tegra-”