5.2.0 Release
For Test and Development only
Deprecated List
Global NvMediaImageRec::tag
Holds a tag that can be used by the application.
Global NvMediaISCEmbeddedData
Use the new structure NvMediaISCEmbeddedDataInfo instead.
Class NvMediaISCEmbeddedDataBuffer
Use the new structure NvMediaISCEmbeddedDataChunk instead.
Global NvMediaISCExposureControl
Use NvMediaISCSensorControl instead.
Global NvMediaISCExposureMode
Use the NvMediaISCSetSensorCharMode() parameter expNo instead.
Global NvMediaISCWBGainControl
Use NvMediaISCSensorControl instead.
Global NvRmGpuDeviceOpenAttrRec::sandboxFriendlyChannels
This field is not in use anymore. It used to specify between sandboxable channels (in Android web browser context) and regular channels. Sandboxable channels used to require extra resources, but that is not true anymore and channels are always sandbox-friendly.
Global NvRmGpuDeviceOpenAttrRec::syncType
This field should be left with the default value. Use NvRmGpuChannelAttr::defaultSyncType. NvRmGpuChannelKickoffPbAttr() also accepts mixing the kickoff sync types with NvRmGpuChannelKickoffPbAttr::completionSyncType .
Global nvsipl::INvSIPLCamera::SetNvSciSyncObjForEOF (std::uint32_t index, INvSIPLClient::ConsumerDesc::OutputType outType, NvSciSyncObj syncobj)=0
This method is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
Global nvsipl::INvSIPLCamera::SetPipelineCfg (std::uint32_t index, const NvSIPLPipelineCfg &pipelineCfg)=0
This version of SetPipelineCfg() will be removed in a future release.
Class nvsipl::NvSIPLPipelineCfg
This struct is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use NvSIPLPipelineConfiguration instead.