5.2.6 Release
For Test and Development only

Detailed Description

Describes TEE internal API. This section defines a set of C APIs for the development of trusted applications (TAs) running inside a trusted execution environment (TEE). The APIs defined in this section provide TA developers the following functionality:

The NVIDIA TEE solution only provides a comprehensive sub-set of the GlobalPlatform API standard and not the full specification. Describes TEE internal API.


 TEE Cryptographic Constants
 Describes TEE cryptographic constants.
 TEE Cryptographic Datatypes
 Describes TEE cryptographic datatypes.
 TEE Cryptographic Operations
 Describes TEE cryptographic operations.
 TEE Internal Cancellation
 Describes TEE internal cancellation.
 TEE Internal Client API
 Describes the TEE internal client API.
 TEE Internal Constants
 Describes TEE internal constants.
 TEE Internal Datatypes
 Describes TEE internal datatypes.
 TEE Internal Memory Management
 Describes TEE internal memory management.
 TEE Internal Panic
 Describes TEE internal panic.
 TEE Internal Property Access
 Describes TEE internal property access.
 TEE Internal TA Interface
 Describes TEE internal TA interface.
 TEE Trusted Storage
 Describes TEE trusted storage. These APIs are stubbed on QNX PDK.
 TEE Trusted Storage Constants
 Describes TEE trusted storage constants. These constants are only supported on Linux PDK.
 TEE Trusted Storage Datatypes
 Describes TEE trusted storage datatypes. These datatypes are only supported on Linux PDK.