EGL Interoperability and EGLStream

EGL is a Khronos defined API consisting of a core specification and optional extensions that provides an interface between APIs, as well as a connection to the window system or other underlying platform. It provides mechanisms for creating surfaces that client APIs can read and write, importing and exporting resources created by clients, and mapping window system resources into clients. This allows it to serve as a centralized interop hub to exchange shared resources, removing the need for specialized interops between individual clients.
EGLStream is an EGL API extension that provides a mechanism that efficiently transfers a sequence of image frames from one API to another. EGLStream is supported on the following NVIDIA supported APIs: OpenGL ES, CUDA, and NvMedia, allowing frames to be shared between these APIs.
For additional details on EGL interoperability and EGLStream support, please consult the relevant documentation as follows: