Profiling Boot Time
This topic describes how to profile the amount of time it takes to boot the NVIDIA DRIVE OS.
The Foundation Services package is installed.
To disable SC7-related support in MB1
Normally, the platform goes into SC7 when certain actions are performed. This behavior can be disabled by modifying the related configuration file as follows:
1. Navigate to the configuration at:
2. Ensure that the value for disable_sc7 is set to 1.
This setting disables the execution of code related to SC7.
To disable UART logging
1. Navigate to the configuration file at:
2. Modify the value for debug.enable_uart to 0.
This disables the UART logs of MB1 and MB2.
3. If previously enabled, disable UART messages from the Linux kernel by running bootburn with the -k option or by adding quiet to the flashing configuration file.
To disable BPMP UART logging
1. Navigate to the following DTSI file:
Where <board_and_rev> is as specified in the Release Notes.
2. Locate the following include text.
#include “parts/policy/serial-log-warn.dtsi”
3. Replace that include text as follows:
#include “parts/policy/serial-empty.dtsi”
4. Delete the following include text.
#include “parts/policy/serial-3-comb-uart-dtsi”