DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.0.4260 Release
For Test and Development only

Installation on NVIDIA DRIVE Platform (Linux)

This section explains how to install NVIDIA® DriveWorks on an NVIDIA DRIVE platform on which NVIDIA DRIVE Linux is already installed.

To install NVIDIA DriveWorks on a platform that has DRIVE Linux

  1. On the platform, navigate to:
  2. On the platform, execute:

     $ sudo dpkg -i driveworks-<vsn_and_rel_info>-drive-linux-<pdk-version>.deb

    This installs NVIDIA DriveWorks and its resources into the following folder, which is the main installation folder on the target:

  3. In the same folder, execute:

     $ sudo dpkg -i driveworks_data-<vsn_and_rel_info>-linux-amd64-ubuntu1804.deb
     $ sudo dpkg -i driveworks_samples-<vsn_and_rel_info>-drive-linux-<pdk-version>.deb

    This installs NVIDIA DriveWorks and data.