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3.5.78 Release
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CANPlugin.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DriveWorks: CAN Sensor Plugin Interface

Description: This file defines the interfaces to be implemented for CAN sensor plugins.

Definition in file CANPlugin.h.

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Data Structures

struct  dwSensorCANPluginFunctionTable
 Function Table exposing CAN plugin functions. More...


typedef dwStatus(* dwSensorCANPlugin_clearFilter) (dwSensorPluginSensorHandle_t sensor)
 Reset the filter set by 'dwSensorCANPlugin_setFilter' interface. More...
typedef dwStatus(* dwSensorCANPlugin_send) (const dwCANMessage *msg, dwTime_t timeout_us, dwSensorPluginSensorHandle_t sensor)
 Sends a message over the CAN bus within a specified timeout. More...
typedef dwStatus(* dwSensorCANPlugin_setFilter) (const uint32_t *canIDs, const uint32_t *masks, uint16_t numCanIDs, dwSensorPluginSensorHandle_t sensor)
 Specifes a set of CAN IDs to be filtered. More...
typedef dwStatus(* dwSensorCANPlugin_setUseHwTimestamps) (bool use, dwSensorPluginSensorHandle_t sensor)
 Enables or disables hardware timestamp of the CAN messages. More...


dwStatus dwSensorCANPlugin_getFunctionTable (dwSensorCANPluginFunctionTable *functions)
 Gets the handle to functions defined in 'dwSensorCANPluginFunctionTable' structure. More...