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3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

LightSourceNet.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DriveWorks API: LightSourceNet Module

Description: This file defines LightSourceNet methods.

Definition in file LightSourceNet.h.

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Data Structures

struct  dwLightSourceNetParams


 DNN raw output 2D size. More...


typedef struct dwLightSourceNetObject * dwLightSourceNetHandle_t
 Handle to a LightSourceNet object. More...


enum  dwLightSourceNetModel {
 LightSourceNet network models to be loaded by LightSourceNet module. More...


DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLightSourceNet_getDNNMetaData (dwDNNMetaData *metaData, dwLightSourceNetHandle_t obj)
 Returns the DNN metadata. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLightSourceNet_getInputBlobsize (dwBlobSize *inputBlobsize, dwLightSourceNetHandle_t obj)
 Returns input blob size that LightSourceNet expects. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLightSourceNet_getOutputBlobSize (dwBlobSize *outputBlobsize, dwLightSourceNetHandle_t obj)
 Returns output blob size of first (only) LightSourceNet output. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLightSourceNet_initDefaultParams (dwLightSourceNetParams *params)
 Initializes LightSourceNet parameters with default values. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLightSourceNet_initialize (dwLightSourceNetHandle_t *lspNetHandle, const dwLightSourceNetParams *lspNetParams, dwContextHandle_t ctx)
 Initializes LightSourceNet module. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLightSourceNet_release (dwLightSourceNetHandle_t obj)
 Releases the LightSourceNet module. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwLightSourceNet_reset (dwLightSourceNetHandle_t obj)
 Resets LightSourceNet. More...