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3.5.78 Release
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ParkNetDetector_processPipeline.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DriveWorks API: Parking Net Detector Methods

Description: This file defines parking space detection methods.

Definition in file ParkNetDetector_processPipeline.h.

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enum  dwParkNetDetectorStage {
 Defines the processing stages of a parking space detector. More...


DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwParkNetDetector_bindInput (const dwImageCUDA *frame, dwParkNetDetectorHandle_t obj)
 Binds the input image to the detector. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwParkNetDetector_bindOutput (dwParkDetection *parkingSpaces, dwParkNetDetectorHandle_t obj)
 Bind object array that holds parking space boundaries. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwParkNetDetector_process (dwParkNetDetectorStage stage, dwParkNetDetectorHandle_t obj)
 Process the bound input frame array and store the result to where pointed by bound output array. More...