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3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

StereoPVA.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DriveWorks API: Stereo Methods

Description: This file defines stereo disparity computation methods.

Definition in file StereoPVA.h.

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Data Structures

struct  dwStereoPVAParams
 Configuration parameters for a Stereo algorithm. More...


typedef struct dwStereoPVAObject * dwStereoPVAHandle_t
 A pointer to the handle representing a stereo algorithm on PVA. More...


enum  dwStereoPVAMode {
 Stereo computation modes. More...


DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_computeDisparity (dwImageHandle_t disparityMap, dwImageHandle_t confidenceMap, const dwImageHandle_t leftImage, const dwImageHandle_t rightImage, dwStereoPVAHandle_t obj)
 Executes the full pipeline and computes disparity map. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_getConfidenceImageProperties (dwImageProperties *props, dwStereoPVAHandle_t obj)
 Get output confidence image properties. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_getCUDAStream (cudaStream_t *stream, dwStereoPVAHandle_t obj)
 Gets CUDA stream used by the stereo algorithm. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_getDisparityImageProperties (dwImageProperties *props, dwStereoPVAHandle_t obj)
 Get output disparity image properties. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_initialize (dwStereoPVAHandle_t *obj, uint32_t width, uint32_t height, const dwStereoPVAParams *stereoParams, dwContextHandle_t ctx)
 Initializes the stereo algorithm with the parameters. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_initParams (dwStereoPVAParams *stereoParams)
 Initializes the StereoPVA parameters. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_release (dwStereoPVAHandle_t obj)
 Releases the stereo algorithm. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_reset (dwStereoPVAHandle_t obj)
 Resets the Stereo module. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwStereoPVA_setCUDAStream (cudaStream_t stream, dwStereoPVAHandle_t obj)
 Sets CUDA stream used by the stereo algorithm. More...