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3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

TensorStreamer.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DriveWorks API: Tensor Streamer

Description: This file defines the tensor streamer function.

Definition in file TensorStreamer.h.

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typedef struct dwDNNTensorStreamerObject * dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t


DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_consumerReceive (dwDNNTensorHandle_t *tensor, dwTime_t timeout_us, dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t streamer)
 Receive a pointer to a dwDNNTensorHandle_t from the streamer, acting as a consumer. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_consumerReturn (dwDNNTensorHandle_t *tensor, dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t streamer)
 Return the received tensor back to the producer. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_getCUDAStream (cudaStream_t *stream, dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t streamer)
 Get CUDA stream used by the tensor streamer. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_getOutputProperties (dwDNNTensorProperties *props, dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t streamer)
 Get tensor properties of the tensor received from the streamer. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_initialize (dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t *streamer, const dwDNNTensorProperties *from, dwDNNTensorType to, dwContextHandle_t ctx)
 Creates and initializes the tensor streamer capable of moving tensors between different API types. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_producerReturn (dwDNNTensorHandle_t *tensor, dwTime_t timeout_us, dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t streamer)
 The producer streamer waits for the tensor sent to be returned by the consumer. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_producerSend (dwDNNTensorHandle_t tensor, dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t streamer)
 Sends an tensor through the streamer acting as the producer. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_release (dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t streamer)
 Releases the tensor streamer. More...
DW_API_PUBLIC dwStatus dwDNNTensorStreamer_setCUDAStream (cudaStream_t stream, dwDNNTensorStreamerHandle_t streamer)
 Sets the CUDA stream for CUDA related streaming operations such as post and receive. More...