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3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

VehicleIODriver.h File Reference

Detailed Description

NVIDIA DriveWorks API: VehicleIO Driver

Description: This file defines the VehicleIO custom plugin interface layer.

Definition in file VehicleIODriver.h.

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dwStatus _dwVehicleIODriver_clearFaults (dwSensorHandle_t sensor, const dwVehicleIOState *state)
 Clear faults in current vehicle state. More...
dwStatus _dwVehicleIODriver_consume (const dwCANMessage *msg, dwVehicleIOState *state)
 Consume a received CAN message and update the vehicle state. More...
dwStatus _dwVehicleIODriver_initialize ()
 Initializes the VehicleIO Driver. More...
dwStatus _dwVehicleIODriver_release ()
 Releases the VehicleIO Driver. More...
dwStatus _dwVehicleIODriver_reset ()
 Reset driver to default state. More...
dwStatus _dwVehicleIODriver_sendCommand (const dwVehicleIOCommand *cmd, dwSensorHandle_t sensor)
 Send a vehicle command to the given CAN sensor. More...
dwStatus _dwVehicleIODriver_sendMiscCommand (const dwVehicleIOMiscCommand *cmd, dwSensorHandle_t sensor)
 Send misc vehicle command to the given CAN sensor. More...