DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

CAN Plugin Sample
SW Release Applicability: This sample is available in both NVIDIA DriveWorks and NVIDIA DRIVE Software releases.


The CAN Plugin sample implements a sensor driver for a CAN using the comprehensive sensor plugin framework. This uses a DriveWorks CAN Bus sensor to provide raw data.

It also provides sources for a refcounted-BufferPool data structure that may be used as reference for other implementations.

Running the sample

This sample compiles as a shared library (.so) that can be used with the DriveWorks Sensor Abstraction Layer (SAL).

This plugin can be used to test and verify functionality:

./sample_canbus_logger --driver=can.custom

For playing back CAN data recorded with a custom plugin, the following command line can be used:

./sample_canbus_logger --driver=can.virtual
The precompiled decoder library is called

Additional Information

For more information, please refer to Custom CANs (Comprehensive).