DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

Simple Image Streamer Sample
SW Release Applicability: This sample is available in both NVIDIA DriveWorks and NVIDIA DRIVE Software releases.


The Simple Image Streamer sample demonstrates how to use an image streamer.

The sample has no inputs and is intended as a guide on how to properly create, setup, use and release an image streamer. The sample does the following:

  1. Manually creates a dwImageCPU object.
  2. Streams it to a dwImageCUDA object.
  3. Applies an NVIDIA® CUDA® kernel on it.
  4. Streams the resulting image to dwImageGL object.
  5. Renders the image on screen.

Running the Sample

The command line for the sample is:



The sample creates a window and renders a colored pattern.

simple image streamer

Additional information

For more details see Image.