DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

PathNet Workflow


PathNet module initialization takes either PathNet module handle or user customized path detection network module handle as an input. To initialize NVIDIA PathNet module:

Or to initialize a pointer to a PathNet handle with designated values of dwPathNetParams use:

An example code snippet to initialize a PathNet module with a customized FP32 PathNet model that is optimized to perfrom inference on GPU:

dwPathNetParams pathNetParams{};
pathNetParams.networkModel = DW_PATHNET_MODEL_CUSTOM;
pathNetParams.networkCustomData = "my_pathnet_model";
CHECK_DW_ERROR(dwPathNet_initialize(&pathNet, &pathNetParams, context));

Note that dwPathNet_initDefaultParams() set pathNetParams.networkPrecision to the default value of DW_PRECISION_FP32. And it is assuming that "my_pathnet_model" file is already present in data/resources sub-directory.

Query Network Specs

With the provided APIs, you can get the input blob dimension that the initialized PathNet expects:

dwStatus dwPathNet_getInputBlobsize(dwBlobSize* inputBlobsize, dwPathNetHandle_t obj);

Retrieve the pointer to the path position label of the provided class index:

dwStatus dwPathNet_getPathPositionLabel(const char** pathPositionLabel, uint32_t classIdx, dwPathNetHandle_t obj);

Or, retrieve the meta data which contains preprocessing configuration for the network:

PathNet Module Reset

To reset the PathNet module:

PathNet Module Release

To release the PathNet module:

For more detailed workflow, please refer to the path detection sample: Path Perception Sample (PathNet).