DriveWorks SDK Reference
3.5.78 Release
For Test and Development only

SW Release Applicability: This module is available in NVIDIA DRIVE Software releases.

About This Module

This module provides the APIs to initialize, query, and release the NVIDIA proprietary wait condition object detection deep neural network: WaitNet.
WaitNet provides intersection detection, traffic light detection, and traffic sign detection.

The data structures include:

  • dwWaitNetParams: defines the WaitNet model variant with the specific precision and processor optimization for loading.

DriveWorks comes with two WaitNet models:

The modules are trained with images from 60° and 120° field of view camera.


WaitNet consumes FP16 planar frames with a resolution of 960x604 (multiple intersections signs lights model) or 960x576 (single intersection model) pixels from AR0231 cameras (revision >= 4).

Resizing the input frame is internally handled by Wait Conditions Detector Workflow as part of the normal workflow.


WaitNet detects a range of objects related to wait condition. The following three labels (classes) are currently supported:

  • Intersections (by multiple intersections signs lights model and single intersection model).
  • Traffic signs (by multiple intersections signs lights model).
  • Traffic lights (by multiple intersections signs lights).
WaitNet Outputs

Colors indicate the following:

  • Orange - Traffic sign.
  • White - Traffic light.
  • Yellow - Intersection.

Additional Information

The WaitNet is trained on both day time and night time data.

Currently, the following limitations could affect its performance:
  • It is optimized for daytime, clear-weather data. As a result, it performs better in daytime with clear weather.
  • It is trained primarily on data collected in the United States. As a result, it may have reduced accuracy in other locales,
    particularly for road sign shapes that do not exist in the U.S.

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