DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

Connected Components Sample


The Connected Components sample demonstrates how to utilize the connected components in dw_imageprocessing module.

Running the Sample

The command line for the sample is:

./sample_connected_components  --video=<path/to/video/file>


    Path to input video file.
    Default: path/to/data/samples/recordings/suburb0/video_0_roof_front_120.mp4


The sample creates a window and plays a video processed with a connected components labeling algorithm. Every frame is converted to grey scale image and threshold is applied to binarize it. The algorithm then assigns unique label to every connected region. Note there is no any tracking included to the sample. Thus as assigned labels may differ from frame to frame the video may flicker a bit.

Labeled image

Additional information

For more details on camera calibration see Connected Components.