DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

Rig Reserializer Tool


The NVIDIA® DriveWorks Rig Reserializer Tool deserializes and serializes an input rig file, upgrading it to the latest version in the process.


This tool is available on the x86 Host System, NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux and NVIDIA DRIVE OS QNX.

This tool creates an output file that is:

  • Named [input_rig_name]-new.json if no output rig file is specified
  • Stored at the same path as the input rig file if no absolute path for the output rig file is specified
  • Stored at the absolute path provided via the output rig file argument

Running the Tool

Run this tool by executing:

./rig_json2json input.json [output.json]

Positional parameters

[path to input file]
    Description: The rig file to be re-serialized.
                     If there is no rig file present, the tool will not launch. 
        Default value: N/A

[path to output file]
    Description: The rig file containing the resulting serialized values with the latest version.
        Default value: <input-rig>-new.json


./rig_json2json /home/user/input-rig.json
        Results in /home/user/input-rig-new.json

./rig_json2json /home/user/input-rig.json /home/user/result/output-rig.json
        Results in /home/user/result/output-rig.json

./rig_json2json /home/user/input-rig.json output-rig.json
        Results in /home/user/output-rig.json