DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

Rig Configuration Sample


The Rig Configuration sample demonstrates how to read the rig configuration from the XML file produced by the NVIDIA® DriveWorks Rig Configuration Tool.

Running the Sample

The Rig Configuration sample, sample_rig, accepts the path to a fig configuration file. If it is not specified, it will use a default one.

./sample_rig --rigconfig=[path/to/rig/file]


    Points to the rig file.
    Default value: path/to/data/samples/sfm/triangulation/rig.json

    Output rig file. This parameter is only used to demonstrate the
    deserialization API. The output rig file is a copy of the input one.
    Default value: none


The Rig Configuration sample prints the content of the rig file to the console:

Vehicle Information:
 width:       1.874000
 height:      1.455000
 length:      4.915000
wheelbase:    2.912000
Sensor Count: 5
Sensor 0:
 Name:        can
 Protocol:    can.virtual
Sensor 1:
 Name:        SVIEW_FR
 Protocol:    camera.virtual
Sensor 2:
 Name:        SVIEW_RE
 Protocol:    camera.virtual
Sensor 3:
 Name:        SVIEW_LE
 Protocol:    camera.virtual
Sensor 4:
 Name:        SVIEW_RI
 Protocol:    camera.virtual

Additional information

For more details see Rig Configuration.