DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

LRAW to RAW Conversion Tool

This tool is available on the x86 Host System, NVIDIA DRIVE OS Linux, and NVIDIA DRIVE OS QNX.

The NVIDIA® DriveWorks LRAW to RAW conversion tool decompresses the LRAW input file and stores the result to an RCCB file.

LRAW stands for Lossless Encode of RAW RCCB data. It uses H264 Lossless Hi Profile (244) for compression of RAW data. This format can be decoded to the exact original, pixels of RCCB data, without any loss due to compression.

This tool decompresses the provided LRAW input file to generate the original RAW RCCB file. The provided LRAW file can be in V1 or V2 format. LRAW encoding differs, depending on the platform:

  • NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 (T186) encodes to the V1 format
  • NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Developer Kit (T194) encodes to the V2 format.

The tool operates on pure raw data and doesn't need special support for any type of recording.

V2 offers these features over V1:

  • Keeps the top and bottom lines of metadata uncompressed.
  • Supports MSB-aligned input for the new sensors.
  • Supports compression of 16-bit data for new sensors.
  • Supports preview encoding. Specifically, 1 frame in 30 is stored as a preview that the camera provides. The preview frame is encoded in lossy mode and embedded in the lraw file.

Input Arguments

The lraw2raw tool supports the following arguments:

--inputfile=<input.lraw file>       The fullpath of the input lraw file in LRAW V2 or V1 format.
--outputfile=<outputfile.raw>       The fullpath of the output Raw decompressed RCCB file.
--usePinnedMemory=1/0               The option to enable or disable use of PinnedMemory
                                    for faster CudaMemcpy.

Running the Tool

The usage is shown below.

sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<path to CUDA Libraries> ./lraw2raw --inputfile=<input.lraw file> --outputfile=<outputfile.raw> --usePinnedMemory=1/0