DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

Sensors Interface

Detailed Description

Defines sensor access available on the given hardware.


 CAN Sensor
 Defines the CAN sensor methods.
 Camera Sensor
 Defines the camera module, which provides access to a virtual camera reading reading the data from a video file or a real camera connected to different sockets.
 Defines methods common to all sensors.
 Data Sensor
 Defines the Data sensor structure.
 GPS Sensor
 Defines the GPS sensor.
 IMU Sensor
 Defines the IMU sensor.
 Lidar Sensor
 Defines the Lidar sensor methods.
 Defines plugin interfaces for non-standard sensors.
 Plugins (Full)
 Defines full-sensor plugin interfaces for non-standard sensors.
 Radar Sensor
 Defines the Radar sensor methods.
 Sensor Serializer
 Defines sensor serializer.
 Defines sensor management interface layer.
 Ultrasonic Sensor
 Defines the Ultrasonic sensor.