DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

Custom Cameras (SIPL)

As mentioned in the Camera section, DriveWorks users may interface with GMSL cameras that are enabled through NvMedia's SIPL framework.

Custom Camera Integration into SIPL

For details on integrating your custom camera into SIPL, please see "Understanding NvMedia SIPL Framework" in the NVIDIA DRIVE 5.1 PDK Development Guide.

Using Custom Cameras with DriveWorks

Once and are updated on the target device, the user may interface with custom camera sensors using DriveWorks.

The user can either:

  1. Use the newly-added CAMERA_NAME when performing DeviceBlock initialization.
  2. Use Platform initialization with a new platform config.

For more details on how to use SIPL-enabled cameras with DriveWorks, see GMSL Cameras using SIPL.