DriveWorks SDK Reference
4.0.0 Release
For Test and Development only

CAN Recording Update Tool

The CAN Recording Update Tool upgrades CAN sensor recordings from the old 22 byte dwCanMessage structure to the new 78 byte dwCANMessage structure.
The tool will create a new version of the specified file.

If seek files are present, then these are also updated.


Typical Usage

  • Run the application
      ./virtual_can_file_updater  --file=/path/to/file/to/be/updated



Existing file name



New file version


If no new version number is specified, the the old version number is read from the existing file and +1 added.

New file name


If no new file is specified, then the new files will be created with _v{newVersionNumber}.

Radar CAN Mode


Default value = False

Continental ARS430 CAN Radar files that have a 12 byte, non CAN entry before the CAN entries of the Radar event.
The contents are a 4 byte unsigned int size indicating how many bytes are in the CAN radar event, and an 8 byte time stamp.
The size value is updated to reflect the new dwCANMessage size.

True Use Radar CAN Mode

False Don't use Radar CAN Mode