NVIDIA EGX Platform Overview

The NVIDIA® EGX platform delivers the power of accelerated AI computing to the edge with an easy-to-deploy cloud-native software stack (EGX stack), a range of validated servers and devices, Helm charts to ease deployment of AI applications, and a vast ecosystem of partners who offer EGX through their products and services.

1. The EGX Stack

The NVIDIA EGX stack is an optimized software stack for AI workloads running at the edge which includes the NVIDIA GPU Operator for deploying and managing the GPU components necessary for GPU-enabled Kubernetes.

2. NGC GPU Operator

The GPU Operator manages NVIDIA GPU resources in a Kubernetes cluster and automates tasks related to bootstrapping GPU nodes with NVIDIA software - drivers (to enable CUDA), Kubernetes device plugin, container runtime and others such as automatic node labelling, monitoring, etc.

The NVIDIA GPU Operator and its associated documentation are available on the NVIDIA GitHub site and also available as a Helm chart on NGC.

3. Helm Charts on NGC

Helm charts are powerful cloud-native tools to customize and automate how and where to deploy applications across Kubernetes clusters.

To ease the deployment and management of AI, NGC now offers a registry for Helm charts for Kubernetes. Helm charts include deployments of AI frameworks, NVIDIA software including the GPU Operator, application frameworks such as NVIDIA Metropolis, and for third-party AI applications such as OmniSci for ML.

Learn more about Helm charts on NGC at ngc.nvidia.com.

4. NGC-Ready for Edge

The NVIDIA EGX stack can be deployed across a broad hardware portfolio, ranging from full racks of NVIDIA T4 servers to pocket-sized NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ devices. NVIDIA's NGC-Ready program validates that systems are able to deliver the full potential of the GPU-optimized software available on NGC. The NGC-Ready for Edge validation applies additional security and remote system management tests to assure system administrators that edge systems can be remotely managed and secured.

A list of the current NGC-Ready and NGC-Ready for Edge systems is available on the NGC-Ready Systems page.