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Setting up an Android development environment can be a complex task. NVIDIA simplifies this for all Android developers with a single installer that manages this complexity for you on Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux (32 bit/x64). AndroidWorks (formerly known as TADP) installs all software tools required to develop for Android , and is the perfect companion for developing native Android applications. This suite of developer tools will configure a development environment that will work with almost any Android device. In addition, AndroidWorks unleashes the full potential of NVIDIA Tegra mobile processors with a comprehensive set of advanced debugging and profiling tools for CPU and GPU intensive applications.

Development tools installed include the following: NVIDIA Developer Tools, Android SDK, Android NDK, JDK, Eclipse, CDT, ADT, Gradle and Apache Ant.

Join the NVIDIA GameWorks Registered Developer Program

The NVIDIA GameWorks Registered Developer Program is an important part of NVIDIA's commitment to the GameWorks Developer community. This program gives NVIDIA a way to provide pre-release information and content to its most important developers, and enable two-way communication about issues and feature requests. It also provides you with the latest Tegra news, updates, developer tools, samples, OS images, and tips and tricks that aren’t available to the public. Plus, all development tools are freely available to members of the NVIDIA GameWorks Registered Developer Program.

Sign up for free access to the NVIDIA GameWorks Registered Developer Program. The application process includes creating a Developer Zone account. If you already have a Developer Zone account, start here instead.

Downloads and Resources

Download the latest the complete list of available Android resources at NVIDIA GameWorks Download Center page. In order to download these files, you must be a member of the NVIDIA GameWorks Registered Developer Program. To join, simply apply here for a free account. The application process includes creating a Developer Zone account. If you already have a Developer Zone account, start here instead.

Select the appropriate operating system environment to begin your download.

Note: Note that if you are on a corporate network that uses a proxy server, the download process may fail. To work around this, you can set environment value http_proxy manually to use the proxy for downloading.
For example, you can set http_proxy= or http_proxy= http://username:password@ After setting this environment variable, the installer will use the proxy to download the AndroidWorks components.

Guides and Documentation

Read the latest guides and documentation on how to get started with developing on NVIDIA Android and NVIDIA Tegra processors. General Android development information, hardware setup how-tos, performance analysis and debugging tools guides, technical references, etc., are all available at your disposal.

Reporting a Bug

If you encounter an error installing any of these packages, please report the issue via the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program bug reporting system: https://developer.nvidia.com/rdp/bugs/tegra-registered-developer-program-bug-report.

Note: You must be logged into your DevZone account to report a bug.




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