Menu and Toolbar

The Nsight Tegra functionality can be accessed through the Tegra menu.

Device Submenu

The dialog displays properties found in the /system/build.prop file. The dialog also displays a name for the device along with the serial number. Nsight Tegra generated a name by default based on some of the properties from this list, but you can change this to help you better identify the device.

Windows Submenu

NVIDIA Tegra Device Toolbar

Android devices can be controlled using the NVIDIA Tegra Device Toolbar. The toolbar is displayed automatically after the extension is installed.

All connected Android devices and emulators are displayed in the drop-down menu. The first available device will be selected by default. The toolbar will remember the device selected in a previous session.

If no devices are available, <No Device> will be displayed. Device selection is disabled when debugging.

The Device toolbar lets you select the Android device for the following:



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