Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition

Develop native applications for the world's most popular mobile platform, using the world’s most popular integrated development environment on the world's first mobile super processor.

NVIDIA Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition brings the raw development power and efficiency of Microsoft Visual Studio to Android, giving you the right tools for the job. Flexible project management, accelerated compilation and integrated debugging, no need to massage makefiles and shell scripts, no voodoo magic or arcane incantations required.

This is the Android development environment for professional Android developers.


nsight tegra features 1   nsight tegra features 2

  • Import existing Android projects into Visual Studio.
  • Manage native Android projects natively in Visual Studio.
  • Build native Android projects in Visual Studio using vs-android, ndk-build or makefiles.
  • Per-project and per-file parallel compilation.
  • Multi-core native Tegra Android GDB debugging.
  • Seamlessly debug Java and native C/C++ code.
  • Use the familiar Visual Studio Locals, Watches, Memory and Breakpoints windows.
  • Android-specific debugging features (such as logcat) integrated into Visual Studio.

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