Session File XML

We do not recommend manual modification of the session configuration XML file, but a high-level description is provided here for reference. The XML file is composed of 4 sections: Communication, Protocol, Profiler, and GUI.

By default, the session configuration file is named as default.xml and placed at <user local application data directory>\NVIDIA Corporation\<PerfHUD ES Host Type> in Windows platform; while in Linux platform, .perfhudes.xml in the user’s HOME directory is used instead. When installing a newer PerfHUD ES host, the existing default.xml/.perfhudes.xml will be backed up with postfix of date and time.

Besides the session configure file per user, another backup session file is also shipped with PerfHUD ES and placed in the same folder of your host installation folder in Windows, or /usr/share/doc/perfhudes/perfhudes.xml in Linux.


Use this section to set the default TCP/IP address and port of the target device. On most devices, the PerfHUD server listens to port 7876. For USB devices, the address and port fields are ignored. The timeout field can be adjusted according to the frequency of communication drop-outs. Using the default value is recommended, but for slow connections, you might need to increase the value.




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