Flashing the Devkit

This section details the steps involved in preparing the Ardbeg to be flashed by the provided scripts.

Powering Up the Devkit in Flashing (Forced Recovery) Mode

The controls to be used in this section are available on the debug board or on the main board (when exposed) and are noted below. Either method can be used; the steps are the same in either case, with the only difference being the location of the buttons used.

Main Board Buttons

If the expansion board has not been connected, the buttons are still available on the edge of the main board. The locations of the three buttons of interest are indicated below:

Debug Board Buttons

If you have chosen to connect the debug board, the switches required for flashing the device are all available on this board.

Steps for Placing the Devkit in Recovery Mode

NOTE: Unlike previous-generation Tegra devkits, the screen on the Ardbeg devkit remains black when the devkit is booted to recovery mode. The existence of the recovery device in the Device Manager is the only indication of the device being in recovery mode.
  1. Apply power to the device by plugging it in (if not already done).
  2. Turn on the device with the power button. The power lights should illuminate green.
  3. Hold the forced recovery button down.
  4. Press the reset button, hold for a second, then release it.
  5. Wait two more seconds and release the forced recovery button.

Running the Flashing Script

It is recommended that you flash your device automatically during the installation of NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android. However, if you are using a Linux host machine and want to flash your device manually, use the following instructions.

NOTE: Unlike previous-generation Tegra devkits, the screen on the Ardbeg devkit might remain black when the devkit is being flashed, depending on the version of the OS image being flashed. In this case, the PC prompt is the only indication of flashing progress.

Having placed the Ardbeg into recovery mode, open a Linux shell to the directory for the OS image:

  1. Run flash.sh.
  2. This will request SU with sudo, and will likely cause a request to enter the password for the user’s Linux account.
  3. The device will be flashed, a process that takes several minutes; it will log the progress of each step and produce an error message on failure.
  4. On successful flash, the device will reboot to Android automatically.
  5. After booting, we recommend going to Settings > Developer Options, and enabling Stay awake in order to avoid the devkit turning itself off after some period of inactivity.
    Similarly, we recommend going to Settings > Display, and changing the Sleep time to 30 minutes.




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