To configure your Ardbeg devkit to work with Tegra Graphics Debugger and other tools, you may need to first do the following: 

  1. Put your Logan device in recovery mode. To do this :
    1. On the debug board, SYS RESET and FORCE RECOVER at the same time.
    2. Release the SYS RESET button first.
    3. Then release the FORCE RECOVER button.
  2. Windows should give you a new device called APX but it may not find the driver for it.
  3. Open Device Manager on your host PC and manually install the driver from nvidia_usb_drivers.
  4. From C:\NVPACK\Android_OS_Images\Ardbeg\android_j_ardbeg_os_image-19r9, run flashos.bat. This will flash the default 408MHz clocks.





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