Tegra "Ardbeg" Development Kit

This document describes the basic steps in setting up an NVIDIA Logan "Ardbeg" development kit, installing a new Android OS image, and booting the OS for the first time.

Important Use Notes and Precautions

As the NVIDIA Tegra Logan "Ardbeg" developer kit hardware and OS images are early prototypes, there are numerous warnings and recommendations, with respect to setup and use:

IMPORTANT: The display connector on Ardbeg is extremely fragile. Developers should adjust their devkit hinges as little as possible. Do not force the hinge open or closed, and pay close attention to the display cable connecting the two halves of the devkit. The kit should be set up with the hinge in the desired position and left as such, as much as possible. In most cases, the display connector cannot be replaced in the field. Damaged boards generally need to be returned to NVIDIA for repair. Take extreme care when manipulating the hinge.


NOTE: The developer kit hardware and OS images are preliminary versions. Performance of the initial developer kit may not reflect that of the final product, or later devkit updates.

Devkit Layout

The Ardbeg system is a folding kit with display and main board connected by a hinge.




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