SHIELD Portable Screen Support

Landscape Orientation

This is a market-filtering situation for SHIELD portable applications.

SHIELD portable is, for all intents and purposes, a landscape-only device. While the SHIELD portable unit can be turned to portrait orientation, the location and balance of the controller make this a poor UI choice. Applications for SHIELD portable must avoid portrait UI and gameplay entirely. All activities in the application must support landscape orientation, or both orientations, and never require portrait orientation.

Implied Orientation Feature Tags

As mentioned previously, SHIELD portable may go so far as to filter applications that export the "portrait" screen feature. In addition to explicit feature tags, the application manifest can generate implicit feature portrait feature tags. These should also be avoided.

If there is any Activity in an application’s manifest that declares one of the following:


Then the entire application will export a required portrait feature tag by default, and the application may be filtered on SHIELD portable. This should obviously be avoided at all costs. Note that some third-party libraries, such as social or advertising SDKs, may have portrait activities that you include in your application to provide certain features, so you should be alert to this issue.

If the Activities that require portrait orientation are used only for non-SHIELD portable devices, then the application should explicitly declare the portrait feature as optional, in combination with runtime checks, so as to avoid being filtered:

<uses-feature android:screenOrientation ="portrait" android:required="false"/>

Supporting "Normal Screen Size" 

This is a market-filtering situation for SHIELD portable applications.

SHIELD portable’s screen is fives inches diagonally and 720P. In Android terms, this is "640dp" x "360dp." This places it within the range of "normal" screen size. Some applications that have historically run only on tablets (often because tablets have the performance to run those applications) may not export the correct screen size values to ensure that they appear in the Google Play Store for SHIELD portable. To ensure that SHIELD portable’s screen is supported, the application must export:

<supports-screens android:normalScreens="true"/>

Along with any other supported sizes.

"Normal Screen Size" Must Not Imply "Portrait UI"

Since most existing Android devices with "normal" screen size are phones, applications often default them to portrait-orientation UIs. SHIELD portable applications must not do this. Applications detecting that they are running on SHIELD portable (see section on SHIELD portable detection at runtime) should always use landscape orientation for each and every activity.



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