NVAPI Reference Documentation
Release 495: October 2

NvAPI Handles

NvAPI handles are retrieved from various calls and passed to other calls in NvAPI. These are meant to be opaque types, and do not necessarily correspond to specific indices, HDCs, or display indices.
Most handles remain valid until a display re-configuration such as a display mode set, or a GPU reconfiguration such as going into or out of SLI modes. If NvAPI returns NVAPI_HANDLE_INVALIDATED, the application should discard all handles and re-enumerate them.
The following is a description of key NvAPI handles and identifiers:

The following figures illustrate these four identifiers used by NvAPI under various GPU configurations.

NvAPI Handles–Dualview, Clone and Spanning Modes


NvAPI Handles–SLI Mode


NvAPI Handles–Two GPUs Under Dualview


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