Direct3D Samples Setup Guide

This guide will help you with the setup of your host machine in order to properly build and run the the D3D samples.

Please ensure your system meets the D3D Samples Prerequisites before proceeding further. Especially important is having the DirectX SDK pre-installed.

Installing and Building D3D Samples

  1. Unzip the samples pack to a directory on the Windows Host PC. We will call this directory SAMPLES_ROOT.
  2. Launch Visual Studio 2010 or 2012.
  3. Open the all-samples project file: {SAMPLES_ROOT}/samples/build/vs201[0,2]win32/AllSamples.sln.
  4. Build the solution as release or debug.
  5. The resulting apps will be placed in {SAMPLES_ROOT}/samples/bin/vs201[0,2]x86/.

Common Build and Runtime Errors



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