Deinterleaved Texturing Sample

Category: Performance   Visuals
Min PC GPU: Fermi-based (GTX 4xx)


This sample demonstrates how a large, sparse and jittered post-processing filter (here a SSAO pass with a 4x4 random texture) can be made more cache-efficient by using a Deinterleaved Texturing approach.

APIs Used

App-Specific Controls

This sample has the following app-specific controls:

Device Input Result
mouse Left-Click Drag Rotate the view
keyboard Arrow Keys Translate the view left/right/forward/back
W/S Translate the view forward/back
A/D Translate the view left/right
TAB Toggle the HUD
  F1 Toggle help display
F2 Toggle the Test mode HUD
gamepad Right ThumbStick Rotate the camera
Left ThumbStick Move forward/backward, Slide left/right

Technical Details

First, the input full-resolution texture is restructured into an array of 16 quarter-resolution textures. Second, the filter is rendered using 16 separate quarter-resolution passes sourcing one quarter-resolution texture per pass.

For more information, see the Deinterleaved Texturing whitepaper linked below.

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