Basic IOS Example


There are very few parameters that need to be set for a Basic IOS actor since the capabilities are, as the name implies, basic.

The characteristics of the “particles” that are controlled by the restDensity and the particleRadius parameters. The restDensity parameter controls the density of objects. Emitters need this parameter for constant density emitter effects. The particle radius controls the radius of the objects.

restDensity = 1.0
particleRadius = 0.1

The maxparticleCount parameter controls the maximum number of objects that any one Basic IOS actor has at any one time. The maxInjectedParticleCount controls the rate at which particles are spawned on a per frame basis. If the parameter is set to a value that is greater than 1 it is used to control the absolute number of particles that are spawned per frame. If maxInjectedParticleCount is set to a value of 1 or less the number is interpreted as a percentage of the maximum number of objects to be spawned per frame. In the following example that sets maxInjectedParticleCount to 0.1 10% of the maxParticleCount of 16384 objects or 164 objects would be spawned per frame.

maxParticleCount = 16384
maxInjectedParticleCount = 0.1

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