PxPvdTransport.h File Reference

#include "foundation/PxErrors.h"
#include "foundation/PxFlags.h"
#include "pvd/PxPvd.h"

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class  PxPvdTransport
 PxPvdTransport is an interface representing the data transport mechanism. This class defines all services associated with the transport: configuration, connection, reading, writing etc. It is owned by the application, and can be realized as a file or a socket (using one-line PxDefault<...> methods in PhysXExtensions) or in a custom implementation. This is a class that is intended for use by PVD, not by the application, the application entry points are PxPvd and PvdClient. More...


PX_PVDSDK_API PxPvdTransport
PxDefaultPvdSocketTransportCreate (const char *host, int port, unsigned int timeoutInMilliseconds)
 Create a default socket transport.
PX_PVDSDK_API PxPvdTransport
PxDefaultPvdFileTransportCreate (const char *name)
 Create a default file transport.

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