PxVehicleSDK.h File Reference

#include "foundation/Px.h"
#include "common/PxTypeInfo.h"

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struct  PxVehicleTypes
struct  PxVehicleConcreteType
 An enumeration of concrete vehicle classes inheriting from PxBase. More...
struct  PxVehicleUpdateMode


#define PX_MAX_NB_WHEELS   (20)
 This number is the maximum number of wheels allowed for a vehicle.
#define PX_DEBUG_VEHICLE_ON   (1)
 Compiler setting to enable recording of telemetry data.


PX_C_EXPORT bool PX_CALL_CONV PxInitVehicleSDK (PxPhysics &physics, PxSerializationRegistry *serializationRegistry=NULL)
 Initialize the PhysXVehicle library.
PX_C_EXPORT void PX_CALL_CONV PxCloseVehicleSDK (PxSerializationRegistry *serializationRegistry=NULL)
 Shut down the PhysXVehicle library.
void PxVehicleSetBasisVectors (const PxVec3 &up, const PxVec3 &forward)
 Set the basis vectors of the vehicle simulation.
void PxVehicleSetUpdateMode (PxVehicleUpdateMode::Enum vehicleUpdateMode)
 Set the effect of PxVehicleUpdates to be either to modify each vehicle's rigid body actor.
void PxVehicleSetSweepHitRejectionAngles (const PxF32 pointRejectAngle, const PxF32 normalRejectAngle)
 Set threshold angles that are used to determine if a wheel hit is to be resolved by vehicle suspension or by rigid body collision.
void PxVehicleSetMaxHitActorAcceleration (const PxF32 maxHitActorAcceleration)
 Determine the maximum acceleration experienced by PxRigidDynamic instances that are found to be in contact with a wheel.

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