PxActor Member List

This is the complete list of members for PxActor, including all inherited members.

getActorFlags() const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
getAggregate() const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
getBaseFlags() const PxBase [inline]
getClientBehaviorFlags() const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
getConcreteType() const PxBase [inline]
getConcreteTypeName() const =0PxBase [pure virtual]
getDominanceGroup() const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
getName() const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
getOwnerClient() const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
getScene() const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
getType() const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
getWorldBounds(float inflation=1.01f) const =0PxActor [pure virtual]
is()PxBase [inline]
is() const PxBase [inline]
isKindOf(const char *name) const PxActor [inline, protected, virtual]
isReleasable() const PxBase [inline, virtual]
mBaseFlagsPxBase [protected]
mConcreteTypePxBase [protected]
PxActor(PxType concreteType, PxBaseFlags baseFlags)PxActor [inline, protected]
PxActor(PxBaseFlags baseFlags)PxActor [inline, protected]
PxBase(PxType concreteType, PxBaseFlags baseFlags)PxBase [inline, protected]
PxBase(PxBaseFlags baseFlags)PxBase [inline, protected]
release()=0PxActor [pure virtual]
setActorFlag(PxActorFlag::Enum flag, bool value)=0PxActor [pure virtual]
setActorFlags(PxActorFlags inFlags)=0PxActor [pure virtual]
setBaseFlag(PxBaseFlag::Enum flag, bool value)PxBase [inline]
setBaseFlags(PxBaseFlags inFlags)PxBase [inline]
setClientBehaviorFlags(PxActorClientBehaviorFlags)=0PxActor [pure virtual]
setDominanceGroup(PxDominanceGroup dominanceGroup)=0PxActor [pure virtual]
setName(const char *name)=0PxActor [pure virtual]
setOwnerClient(PxClientID inClient)=0PxActor [pure virtual]
typeMatch() const PxBase [inline, protected]
~PxActor()PxActor [inline, protected, virtual]
~PxBase()PxBase [inline, protected, virtual]

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