PxCollection Member List

This is the complete list of members for PxCollection, including all inherited members.

add(PxBase &object, PxSerialObjectId id=PX_SERIAL_OBJECT_ID_INVALID)=0PxCollection [pure virtual]
add(PxCollection &collection)=0PxCollection [pure virtual]
addId(PxBase &object, PxSerialObjectId id)=0PxCollection [pure virtual]
contains(PxBase &object) const =0PxCollection [pure virtual]
find(PxSerialObjectId id) const =0PxCollection [pure virtual]
getId(const PxBase &object) const =0PxCollection [pure virtual]
getIds(PxSerialObjectId *userBuffer, PxU32 bufferSize, PxU32 startIndex=0) const =0PxCollection [pure virtual]
getNbIds() const =0PxCollection [pure virtual]
getNbObjects() const =0PxCollection [pure virtual]
getObject(PxU32 index) const =0PxCollection [pure virtual]
getObjects(PxBase **userBuffer, PxU32 bufferSize, PxU32 startIndex=0) const =0PxCollection [pure virtual]
PxCollection()PxCollection [inline, protected]
release()=0PxCollection [pure virtual]
remove(PxBase &object)=0PxCollection [pure virtual]
remove(PxCollection &collection)=0PxCollection [pure virtual]
removeId(PxSerialObjectId id)=0PxCollection [pure virtual]
~PxCollection()PxCollection [inline, protected, virtual]

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