PxHitBuffer< HitType > Member List

This is the complete list of members for PxHitBuffer< HitType >, including all inherited members.

blockPxHitCallback< HitType >
finalizeQuery()PxHitCallback< HitType > [inline, virtual]
getAnyHit(const PxU32 index) const PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline]
getMaxNbTouches() const PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline]
getNbAnyHits() const PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline]
getNbTouches() const PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline]
getTouch(const PxU32 index) const PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline]
getTouches() const PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline]
hasAnyHits()PxHitCallback< HitType > [inline]
hasBlockPxHitCallback< HitType >
maxNbTouchesPxHitCallback< HitType >
nbTouchesPxHitCallback< HitType >
processTouches(const HitType *buffer, PxU32 nbHits)PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline, protected, virtual]
PxHitBuffer(HitType *aTouches=NULL, PxU32 aMaxNbTouches=0)PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline]
PxHitCallback(HitType *aTouches, PxU32 aMaxNbTouches)PxHitCallback< HitType > [inline]
touchesPxHitCallback< HitType >
~PxHitBuffer()PxHitBuffer< HitType > [inline, virtual]
~PxHitCallback()PxHitCallback< HitType > [inline, virtual]

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